The growth of electronic channels over the last decade paired with developments in social media, Web 2.0 and crowd sourcing, sensor networks and ubiquitous computing has led to an explosion of data. Due to the speed of developments, most of these data remain unexploited and the need to derive meaningful information and knowledge out of them has increased to an unprecedented degree. This fact has created a new landscape for innovation and entrepreneurship, opening up new opportunities for the development of new tools, services and offerings that respond to this need. The objective of this course is to provide the theoretical and practical basis that will allow students to identify business opportunities and innovation areas associated with the exploitation of big data and design innovative services in response to the identified business needs. Moreover, the course will provide guidelines in the area of business planning to support an entrepreneurial mindset. A series of case studies will be discussed under this perspective, while students will have the opportunity to propose their own ideas exploiting big data analytics, evaluate alternative business models and practically develop the respective business plans.